January 2010AST Components pleased to introduce infrared sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas sensor made by SmartGas Mikrosensorik GmbH http://www.smartgas.eu. The gas module is based on NDIR principle with both digital and analog outputs and could be delivered in different options.

October 5, 2009Membrapor (Switzerland) announces 30 % stock sell to german gas analyst equipment manufacturer Testo AG.

June 18, 2009AST Components office moved in with a new address : 2-oy Yuznoportoviy Proezd 16, Business Center “LOGIC PARK” bld. 2, entrance 2, off. 115 115088, Moscow, Russia

June 2009AST Components represents semiconductor sensors line from Applied Sensor (Germany).


May 2009Pleased to offer thermocatalyst, semiconductor sensors for CH4 and flammable gases made by Korea New Ceramics (Korea).

March 2009Membrapor (Switzerland) announces serial manufacture of electrochemical sensor for ethylene available in 3 — size options: C2H4/S-2000-S (Standard), C2H4/C-2000, (Compact) C2H4/M-2000 (Miniature)

February 2009AST offer PID gas sensors from Alphasense (Great Britan) and Baseline-Mocon ( USA).


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